Customization, quality and safety are the strong advantages of big bags produced by Ágilbag. Committed to develop, produce and sell only big bags that meet customer expectations, we can meet the most diverse market segments with unique solutions.

The recognition of quality of the big bags comes by the approval from entitle agencies. Ágilbag products follow the manufacturing standards determined by the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association), IPT (Institute of Technological Research of São Paulo) and EFIBCA (European Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association).

Before heading to their final use, all products undergo rigorous testing to make sure they are fit to be used safely. Thus we guarantee a final product in perfect condition for our clients.

Our commitment goes well as offering quality products, we work with the guarantee of sustained technical support to our customers, we have invested in new technology and staff training to always improve our services and always be a safe option for excellence. Be sure to visit our products and find out why Ágilbag is the right choice for your business.