Ágilbag offers several types of big bags in solutions to your challenges. Know the characteristics of our products and some of the models of basic filling and emptying.

The flexible containers (big bags) are produced in polypropylene fabric of high strength and treated against UV rays. The capacity ranges from 100 kg to 2.000 kg maximum load; making it ideal for packaging, storage and transportation of grains, seeds, fertilizers, ores, chemicals, petrochemicals, and others. Ágilbag accredit its big bags for packaging dangerous products for road and by sea transportation by entitled bodies.

Accessibility and convenience make the big bag a packaging of easy transportation, responsible for labor savings in the handling of products and great reduction of time in loading and unloading. Resistant they support stacking to optimize the storage space; big bags also help in reducing product waste, reducing external contamination and retaining the chemical properties of the products packed.

All Ágilbag big bags are produced in a personalized way according to the demands and needs of each operation and product. Ágilbag provides not only the big bag with quality, we go beyond ensuring a sustained technical support to our customers, exploring new concepts of production, investing in new technologies and staff training, to always be a safe option for excellence.

Your needs are our priority, we work to meet with efficiency, flexibility and agility. Please contact us to develop the big bag you need.

Below are our most common products.

* All big bags can be added to the liner, in order to ensure the impermeability of the product packaged in a big bag.

Commercial Product Name
Contentor Flexível de polipropileno (big bag)

Name and address of producer
Ágilbag Containers e Embalagens Flexíveis Ltda.

Angelo Pascote, 21 - Distr. Ind. Werner Plaas
Zip Code: 13478-800 - Americana-SP.
Phone / Fax: (19) 3478.9555

Product identification
Flexible polypropylene container, made of woven polypropylene fabric, and the thread used (raffia) is obtained by extrusion of polypropylene resin.

Physical Properties
Appearance: Colorless to milky
Odor: Not noticeable
State: Solid Melting Point: 165 to 175 ˚C
Solubility: Insoluble in water

Data on Health
Ingestion: Not applicable
Inhalation: Not applicable
Skin Contact: No result
Eye Contact: No result

Skin Contact:
Allergic people should wash with water.

Eye Contact:
Rinse with water.

In firefighting must use protective clothing and masks (air purifying, unattended or chemical inorganic gases). The means of extinguishing suitable are water spray, carbon dioxide and dry chemical.

Toxicological Data:
The product is not considered toxic by any legislation.

Avoid contact with moisture. Preferentially coat the back of the truck.
Store in a dry place, protected from sunlight, with constant ventilation and away from sources of heat and intermittent chemicals, proper floor and free of moisture and ambient temperature of maximum 45 ˚C .

The flexible container of polypropylene, since it was framed as such, should only be reused after thorough safety inspection, which is full and exclusive responsibility of the user.